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Have a look inside the gallery but be warned that you may not like everything you see.


This journal will be featuring links to a series of MLP Yu-Gi-Oh Cards and their artwork that I will not be posting here (as the cards are already on here).
Retro Rainbow Volume 1:


United States
Okay so why have I chosen a MLP to represent who I am? If you have seen the new show My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, this is Twilight Sparkle. I've chosen her because most of what she says and does is something I would do. She looks for a logical explanation (like in the episode Feeling Pinkie Keen, she disbelieved Pinkie Pie's predictions like I did).

My Scrapbook is here:…
I do RP'ing in notes with my OC ponies, provided none of the RP involves:
any gross stuff (farts, scat, etc).
The gallery of them is here:…
I'm not trying to be a top-notch artist. I just want to draw without the risk of having my art stolen or having to deal with possibly thousands of messages in my inbox.
I also do requests and trades but regarding trades, I'll do my end AFTER you do your end or I may feel like you're doing a request. This is because at least one person has not done their end of the trade even though I gave them my end. If anyone on here can tell you that has done a trade with me, I WILL do my end.

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